Red Tea Detox – A New Kind Of Tea

Product: Red Tea Detox

Guarantee: Lose 14 pounds of fat in just a few weeks

Price: $37(at time of writing this article)

Creator: Liz Swan Miller

The red tea detox is a new kind of tea that has just recently made its mark on the world. Everyone knows about the green tea, black tea, white tea, but not many have heard about the red tea. The creator of it went through a lot of medical studies and real world testing in order to get results for this product.

About the Creator

Liz has worked for 14 years to help men and women lose weight. She has helped numerous people to lose as much as 14 pounds in a couple weeks. She created the red tea and lost over 40 pounds herself. It started after a legend that she heard about a Kenyan tribe in Africa drinks a drink to stop hunger. The tale intrigued her so she went to go seek it out It is interesting to think that this is a real thing. A drink that can burn fat, stop hunger craving, and give energy is something that sounds like a dream come true.

How Does It Do It

Red tea works with 5 different herbal ingredients that work to tell your brain that it needs to burn fat off your body. It will also work to shrink your fat cells and you will not have any feeling of hunger. These 5 ingredients are luckily able to be found in your grocery store. This program went through years of product research and real world testing in order to make it right for anyone who uses it. The tea uses roobios.

The program is broken down into a book. This book is broken down into 3 sections. The sections of the book are the diet portion, the exercise portion, and the willpower portion.

The diet portion talks about why it is important to detoxify the body. You want to detoxify the body before the weight loss process because of toxins. This book will go into why toxins that are harmful to the body and how it can hold your metabolism from performing a lot better.

The exercise portion will complement the diet section. This will make it even better because when combined together it can double the amount of fat burned. It is a group of simple exercises that will kick fat loss into overdrive.

The willpower section will delve into the few common myths of willpower. It will shed life on the realities of motivation and can revolutionize your weight loss. This section is designed for you to keep going and so that you will keep it off for good and not backlash into gaining all the weight back.

Red Tea vs Green Tea

Green tea is a good thing to drink and has been around forever. Lot of people say that green tea is good for weight loss because it helps curb appetite. A downside is that this contains caffeine. The caffeine has a tendency to make people restless which is why it is not a very good thing to drink late at night.

Red tea uses something called Roobios which means red bush. It is equally high in antioxidants and it also contains a few extra ones called aspalathin and nothofagin. These two antioxidants are rare and help to regulate blood sugar, reduce excessive fat production, stress, and inhibit metabolic disorders. Also, red tea does not contain caffeine and will not cause restlessness at night.

Final Thoughts

The red tea detox is a good book that can teach you how to curb your weight loss on it. It is different from other programs in the form that it is a book and it also gives you the recipe to make at home. The red tea is good and easily made. Another thing that i really like is the fact that it is not something that has to be shipped to you. I have been a part of a few diet programs that have required you to be shipped the materials for the diet. That was horrible. This program caters to all demographics and is suitable for anyone to use.

Get It Now

The normal price for this product is $37 and by clicking the link that says get it now you can get it for $7 today with a $10 charge after the first 7 days. This makes it completely risk free to you and also has a 60 day money back guarantee.





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