Vert Shock Review – Vertical Jumping Exercise

Product: Vert Shock

Guarantee: Be Able To Add Inches To Your Vertical or 60 Day Money Back

Price:$134(at the time of writing this review)

Duration: 8 Week Program

Have you ever wanted to add a little something to your fitness and basketball game at the same time? I am a big basketball player and this was one of the first programs I bought in order to get into fitness. I love basketball so fitness and basketball really went together for me. Vert shock and Adam Folker mad the program for people who want to mostly be able to dunk. They teach about becoming explosive in the game and teach you how to do it apart from other jump programs. I personally did it unfortunately not for the time that I should have but for a few weeks. I went from being able to barely touch the backboard to being able to touch the rim. This was not even going through the full program. Wonder what you can do with it if you go through the whole thing.

Program Promises and Guarantees

The program created promises that you will be able to jump higher almost right off the get go. It makes a promise that you will be able to jump 3-5 inches higher in only the first week. Vert shock promises to increase your vertical by a total of 9-15 inches by the end of the 8-week program. The program guarantees you a 60-day money back guarantee if you have not completed your goals. This is a complete no risk cost to you for this. Some promises that it gives you other than just jumping is:

  • Give more explosive power like Jordan or Kobe
  • Increase lateral speed
  • Grab more rebounds
  • Become more dominant on the court


How does vert shock make this claim? There are three phases that you will go through when it comes to doing this program. The preshock, shock, and post shock phases. Each phase is designed to help with your vertical jump.

The preshock phase is used to mainly tell you how to use your body and get it prepared to jump higher. This is going to activate muscles in your legs that you may have not known how to use and they will teach you how to use them. This phase is the first week of the program. It is promised that you will be able to jump 3-5 inches higher in just this phase alone.

The next phase is the shock phase. This phase is going to enhance what you have learned in the preshock phase. It uses the new activated muscles and gets you used to using them and making them stronger. This phase lasts 6 weeks in the program. This phase is promised to increase your vertical jump by even more.

The last phase which is the post shock phase is designed to use everything you learned throughout this point. It is going to give you the rest that you need in order for the muscles to be used to their full potential. You should be able to increase your vertical jump to 9-15 inches from where you first started in this program. Everything in the first two phases will be integrated into muscle memory and you will be able to jump that much higher.

Also check out the bonuses that it provides for you to enhance your jumping. These are the 4 vertical jump killers, 5 dirty secrets to jumping higher, and regular check ins as well as a diet checklist. These things will add a little bit more in terms of helping you jump higher and reach your goals.


Now there are cons to this program. Say you play some basketball and twist your ankle, this is going to immediately make it impossible to keep going. It is said that you have to completely healthy when doing this program. The reasoning being is because you do not want to give 70% effort to a program that requires 100% effort. Make sure to stay healthy throughout the whole of the program and you will see the results.

The timeliness can also be a hard part of it but not really depending on what your workout regime already is. It requires around an hour a day 4-6 days a week the whole 8-week program. This can be a lot of time for some people but it is always easy to make time for something that you really want.

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for people who want to be able to jump higher and improve their skills on the basketball court. It is guaranteed that regardless of age, race, or gender. The program is also designed for people who want to be able to jump higher with no equipment and want to be able to access their b muscle fibers in order to be able to get higher. It does not require over training and doesn’t take that long in the day.

Get It Now

If you like the way this sounds, then give it a look. You can click the link provided and there is a special going on it right now. The usual price is $134 at the time of the writing of this article. You can get it for $67 which is half price again at the time of writing this article. I used this program and added to my vertical in just a few weeks. I am not a master jumper, I will admit, because I did not keep going with the program because of a basketball injury and laziness after I got better. That is my fault but you can get to where you want to be with this program. Click the link below in order to see it. If you like it, put a comment in and tell me how you like it and I want to see your progress though.

Vert Shock Pro Jumps: Get It Here




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